There are more than 3 billion Internet users and 2 billion active social media accounts. A good profile leads to business, start ranking yours on the web and social media.

If your business is not doing “AWESOME” you seriously need help!
Maybe you don’t know it yet, but there are unlimited ways to get your business on its feet… or even on its wings. And that’s all we’re about.

Nowadays, most entrepreneurs know that social media is the key to their success.
50% of small businesses fail in their fifth year according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

One of the four most common reasons why small businesses fail according to Investopedia is their over-necessary marketing budget.

Our mission at Lgwebmedia is to help our clients push through growth induction, they will benefit from several services among which the promotion of their business to a target audience, understanding their customers and branding their business. They will definitely feel satisfied and more productive. Thanks to our quick and reliable work.

We give priority to brands that have a sincere interest in wellness, quality and transparency, to build a more informed and healthier lifestyle.

We look after your digital marketing as well as after your clients.

increase traffic to your website


Get more people on your website by applying an ingenious social media strategies and compelling designs. We’ll make social media work, to reach your objectives. By understanding your audience, we’ll create engaging content that people care about.

Audience engagement


Social media can grow your companies fan base from tens to thousands with good audience engagement. Push your brand to be ‘ACTIVE’ by making its purpose and concerns clear to the target customers. We make ads that reach them, increasing your exposure and turning viewers into customers.

Leads in marketing.


Wondering how to increase your sales leads? Is your marketing strategy preventing you from increasing your sales? It means you need an ingenious strategy, creativity and a compelling design. 67% of people are more likely to buy from the brands they follow. We can deliver a strong marketing plan that matches your brand identity and supports your goals.

Google ranking seo


Social media can improve your off-page SEO. It’s important to make your content Seo friendly. Our services include Seo marketing such as content strategy, and link building to help your Google Seo ranking.

Branding and marketing


More and more companies will focus on building their brand, whether personal or corporate. We know how to make your brand stand out, so that it can be recognized among others. Get your company name and message out to the masses.

Leads for your business


We’ll help you create funnels that will get more leads for your business.
We’ll create paid campaigns to introduce your brand to new people. All campaigns include a monthly report and metrics to keep you informed about your audience insight.

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Catia is an asset to any professional organization. She created different social media venues for my business to be more visible in the digital world. Many of her ideas were innovative and her honesty and dedication came through all of our communication. I highly recommend this hard worker to join any of your professional ventures.

Luda Hiekin, Plants and Beyond

I have had privilege in working with Catia through conference call. Not only did she give me great advice, she opened my eyes to new opportunities and ways I could better enhance my content through Social Media. She is a fantastic and hard working professional with a stellar attitude and a strong work ethic. I highly recommend Catia for people willing to grow their Social Media following and better improve their content.

Maryam AbuHijleh, Starmark

Catia Amaral is a savvy, sharp and strong Leader who loves helping people win big on Social Media. Was featured in one of her articles and nice. LOVE HER WORK

Edward Zia

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