Getting to know the Social media platforms


Who hasn’t heard of Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr, Snapchat, Linkedin, WordPress…. They are the faces of today’s social network. We can easily share the picture of our new born or find a potential customer. Almost each platform has its tricks, rules, content, do and don’t.
Seldom people jump from one platform to the other. Usually they stick to the one they prefer. So if you’re making a following on Instagram, be certain that just a minority will follow you on Facebook as well. My advice is that before committing to a network, you must know your goal.

You can have a personal profile, business page or create a group. Every business must have a FB page. The content is sharable. You can post pictures, videos, articles, gifs,…. Whatever springs in your mind. The issue is that if you don’t have original content that will go viral, you will need to use ads to boost your posts in order to get seen. Unfortunately the published posts aren’t seen by all your followers, it seen by a few, if they find it interesting and interact with it, your post will be seen by another group of your followers, etc…. That is called organic reach. This method is problematic for those who haven’t got a budget for ads.

The picture social network. You can have a personal profile sharing your own pictures or a business one. You can’t share the content unless you ask for permission first. Hashtags are essential in order to get attention from people who search for a particular topic. You can use ads to bring your content to a wider audience.

As usual you can have a personal or business profile. It is a picture network too but it is rather to get information out rather than entertainment. When you post an infographic, a chart or a picture it is to convey a message. Hashtags are important as well to find readers. You can create as many boards as you like to make order to your content.

Now you can use up to 280 character. Short sentences and hashtags are obligatory to convey your message. You can share other people’s tweets as much as you want. But no pictures or videos

Tumblr & WordPress
2 blogs where pictures, videos, gifs and articles can be published. WordPress claim to be 30% of the internet, hence much more people to connect with, it has a free version where there aren’t any plug-ins available or the paid version. It is very customizable, it has the option to buy a domain if required or even a commercial website. Tumblr is only a blog that was recently bought by yahoo. It is ready to use from the start no need to customize it or chose a plan.

A picture platform with lots of picture effects. Mostly used by kids and teens but some adults use it too.

I believe that every business owner must have a profile on Linkedin. It is a business network where connections bring deals. Having an account here, means that you’re a professional having skills to offer.

These are the basics of the Social networks, my next posts will be describing them in depth.


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