Getting to know Facebook


Fb is a world on its own. It would require a book to describe all that you can achieve with it.
I will only focus on the major points here.
The feeds are what you’ll be seeing as you log into your account. You can chose who to see first and who to unfollow. The feeds aren’t sorted by the time they were posted but by the number of people who interacted, which can be annoying if you prefer to read or comment on freshly published posts. But you can’t do much about it except scrolling down until you find the posts that you need.
When you publish a post, yours will be exactly the same for other people, the more they interact with your post, the higher it will get into the feeds. That’s the way FB works with its organic reach.
You can make ads though. It will bring your post to a wider audience, being up in the feeds.
You can make a page out of your profile. A page is for business while a profile is for personal use. In a profile you can share personal pictures, videos, stories… While on a page you can share your business address, phone number, email, business articles, pictures, videos, campaigns…..
The more people like your page, the better. People can leave reviews, comments and thoughts about your work.
If you want to make a community out of your followers, you can create a group, where they can discuss your products, ask questions or seek support.
Fb can be linked to many social networks, for example if you have an Instagram account, your pictures could be shared on your fb profile/page. If you have a wordpress blog, your posts can be automatically shared on your fb feeds and so on… You can open an account in most social networks just with your fb credentials. You can sign into most wifi portals by having a fb account too.
You can pay ads for your Instagram profile via your fb account.
A Facebook page is almost a website on its own, it is just not suitable for selling stuff. Some try to sell their products on their fb page as if it was a store, but it isn’t very successful. For businesses Fb is a brand loyalty platform where people who trust your brand will seek news, new products or just want to connect with their favourite company.
You just keep them entertained until they decide to purchase something from your website/store.
If you have a page, you can rename it instead of keeping the original name which is based with numbers.
Fb gives you the opportunity to make business with people in Asia, Africa, Europe, etc… Without having to travel. Emerge yourself in the world of FB where your opportunity lies.


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