Getting to know Pinterest


Some people find it difficult to use it. Yet it is one of the easiest. Here too you may have a business profile or a personal one.
As you log in, you’ll see the feeds as in any social network. As you click on your icon either at the bottom right or top right, you’ll find your profile picture where your boards are.
The boards are comparable to briefcases. Each briefcase has as many documents/pins you have pinned. The posts that are posted on Pinterest are called pins. They are all sharable unless the person doesn’t want his pins to be shared. Each briefcase has the topic you have chosen to give it. When you want to pin a post about poultry, you may pin it in a board related to chickens for example or food. When you want to pin a post about flowers, you’ll pin it in a board about gardening or deco for instance. So every board has its topic.
It is highly recommended to share other people’s pins in your related boards.
1. Because you need as many pins as possible on your boards
2. Because as you share, you’ll get attention and people will start sharing your own posts in their boards too.
3. The higher the share, the more visitors you’ll get.
4. The more visitors you have, higher the chance to have customers.
You may create as many boards as you like and use ads as well to promote your pins. This platform is not for entertainment, it is mostly for people seeking for something specific that they need. Hence, if your product is interesting enough, they’ll click on your website and buy it from you. I believe that every business owner that has products to sell, must have an account on Pinterest. When you upload a pin, you must add a description, some hashtags AND your website so that your potential customers will know where to find your products.


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