Getting to know Tumblr and WordPress


Tumblr & WordPress are very important to share articles, poetry, thoughts, news, etc… There are so many things you can do with a blog and it is not so difficult to make a following. You just need to write and read. If you write and don’t read what other bloggers write, your chance of success is very limited. You must interact with your fellow bloggers to start a following. Some people follow other blogs just to be followed back. I don’t like that method as it is not genuine, but if you’re desperate to have followers in a short time, it is the only way.
Post pictures for every post you publish. It is not obligatory but it is noticed that posts that have pictures have more viewers.
Check the spelling to minimize the mistakes
Use the right tags
Publish at least once a day.
Find the right time to publish such as when the people take a brake or before going to work or at night.
Check your stats to know which post performs better and at what time.
Always reply to comments.
With Tumblr and WordPress you can publish articles, videos and pictures.


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