Getting to know Linkedin

If you have a business or have skills to offer, It is a must to have an profile on this network. 575+ million users, with more than 260 million monthly active users, among which CEO and simple unemployed. Knowing how to use this social network can increase your sales by 50 % for B2B buyers as they use Linkedin as a source for making purchase decisions. It isn’t an entertaining network, no one uses this method to find friends, it is only to share products, industry related articles, reviews, how-to, white papers, etc…. Or to hire and get hired.
Your profile must be as accurate as possible in order to appear on the searches and have a higher chance to be hired if that is your goal or to have a higher chance to sell your product.
On Linkedin you’ve got the same feeds, notification area and messaging tab as you can find on any social network but you’ve got also; the connection tab where you’ll be searching to increase your network by connecting to people related to your industry or to people you’re interested in. Linkedin is an opportunity not to miss for any business.


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