Wanna invest in a marketer?  Contractor, Marketing Agency or Go in-house?

Investing with the right marketer could help you get massive ROI for your business.
Here I’ll go over the types of marketers you could bring to your team or business.


Hiring independent contractors is an option that many businesses use. Contractors specialize in different areas of marketing, such as Facebook ads, e-mail marketing, content writing, and more.

Freelancers have the experience to easily execute on the area in which they specialize so they don’t require any additional training.

The benefits of hiring independent contractors is that they’re not subject to payroll taxes and other employment laws.

Agreements with freelancers can usually be terminated at any time, which gives you the flexibility to opt out of the relationship if need be.

As freelancers typically specialize in a specific area of marketing, they’ll do a good job within that area, but it also means that they probably can’t provide a wide range of services.

For instance, if you need a content writer, social media marketer, and someone for ads, you might need a separate contractor for each specialty. Also, because contractors take on multiple projects at once with more than one company, they might take longer than necessary to hit the target numbers.

Many business owners make the mistake of thinking that contractors are cheaper because they don’t require benefits, but experienced freelancers charge up to 150£ per hour in some cases.

Building an In-house Team

If you have a big company, you might consider having an in-house team. Although this can be a pretty costly option, there are some cases where it could be a huge benefit for your business.

Full-time employees tend to be more committed to their role and make the impossible to help your business hit its targets. With no other distractions from projects outside of yours, things are more apt to get done at a faster pace.

If you want to build a team to take your content marketing to the next level, you’ll need a graphic designer, copywriter, editor, and social media marketer. You may wish to find a someone who can do all that all by himself but that’s unrealistic. Bug if you do, they would be charging extremely high rates and rightly so.

Recruiting can take a long time. You’ll have to put candidates through multiple rounds of interviews, take time out of your current employees’ schedules to conduct the interviews, and deal with the loss in productivity that comes with training new hires.

If you decide to build a team, that also means you’ll have to manage issues that come up within your team, such as employee firing, dealing with employees who quit unexpectedly…. You’ll have to maintain processes for administrative things like paid time off, salary raises, working with remote employees, maintaining employee morale, and other communication issues.

Hiring a Marketing Agency

Hiring an agency to handle your marketing will save you time and effort on running your own business only. That means getting more investors, closing more deals, forming new partnerships, making plans…

You don’t have to worry about hiring new marketing employees, growing your marketing department, or losing ridiculous amounts of money on bad full-time hires.

65% of U.S. employers say that bad hires can cost up to $50,000 each. That’s way more expensive than hiring a marketing agency.

Hiring an agency for 1000£-8000£ per month, you’ll get access to a team of specialized experts in a variety of different fields for the price you’d normally pay for one or two mid-level, full-time hires.

Hiring a Marketing Agency:

An agency have multiple clients to serve and they don’t work for you every day of the week. They might not be able to respond to every question or concern you have immediately like a full-time employee would be able to.

With an in-house employee, getting questions answered may be more convenient as you can simply walk over to a colleague’s desk and ask, and they can give you details that you won’t get by phone or email. And with an agency, you might have to wait longer in terms of getting a response or explanation.

Depending on how well you hire, you could have in-house employees who stay with you for years on end. Impacting your culture, inspiring your teammates, and potentially be someone that drives massive growth to your business.

And while you get the benefit of spending less time and effort on handling your campaigns, the downside is that you have less control of the direction of your campaigns, the agency will take over the details of your marketing strategies on each channel that you work, with them on.

source: lgwebmedia.wordpress.com

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