The top 10 social media tools that you definitely need

Whether you’re a social media manager or just a small entrepreneur you will need these tools to find/make relevant content and schedule them at the right time.

With this website you can schedule posts, to publish them at the right time of the day. It offers a free plan and a few professional ones which offer much more freedom

This one is a competitor of Buffer you can schedule posts as well to publish them at the right time of the day. It offers a free and a few professional plans. With both of them you’re allowed to have 3 social networks and schedule up to 10 posts with the free account, which isn’t much.

The best website to create branded images, quotes, motivational posts, flyers, book covers, etc…

An awesome website to find relevant articles accordimg to your job. You can easily share the article to Buffer, Hootsuite, email, etc….

Professionnal photographers share their best pictures for free so that they may be used on articles, blog posts, or whatever the need

As the name suggest, a website full of gifs for when the need arises

Google Analystics
If you have your own website, it is a must to link it to Google Analytics in order to check the stats and improve your feeds, content, products…

Another website to find content if Feedly isn’t enough

Google Trends
If you need ideas about what is talken about on the net, you need to come over this one and check it out.

Render forest
Is the most gorgeous website to create 3D videos and Text

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