How much should we ask?

As far as my experience goes, finding a job requires awareness, need and trust. Not from the seeker but from the hirer. If the employer isn’t aware that he needs someone or something, he won’t be looking for a solution. When the employer becomes aware of his need, he’ll look for the key to solve the issue. Hence he will need to trust that someone or something he will be using.
When a freelancer finds a potential customer, he might ask a big advance on his wage in order to be sure that he’ll be paid for the job. But according to me that’s a huge mistake.
It is true that some employers are a pain in the ** as they don’t pay their workers in due time. But that isn’t a reason to ask a 6 month wage in advance. Are you sure you’ll be living for another 6 months? Come on!
That will make you look like a scammer even if you’re honest.
The best way in my opinion is to be paid monthly, half in the beginning and half at the end. So that both parties feel secure and trustable

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