Be yourself

Everyone says “be yourself”. Your #brand needs you to be the way you are. Even #mcdonalds says “come the way you are” (depending on which country you’re in) So that’s how we have to be. Don’t hide behind a fake character that doesn’t resemble you.
Be proud of yourself and your entity. There are no 2 people alike on #Earth, not even twins. So just relax and enjoy your existence, you’ve got only 1.The way you speak, the way you think are yours, no one can judge you (except God) as long as you don’t hurt someone else’s feelings or privacy. We live in a #world that needs #compassion and #harmony to live peacefully. We can achieve that only if we accept other people’s opinion. #Freedomofspeech doesn’t mean insulting other people’s #faith, #rights, ethnicity or political views. It means accepting the fact that not everyone will agree with you. #people #groups #opinion #thoughts #inspiring

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