Business Time not time zones

If you’re making business with people from different places you must be aware that time is different for every country.
No I’m not speaking about time zones.

“I’m tellin’ ya that in some part of  u still can make biz even after 10pm  in their country”

Let me explain:

In Switzerland, businesses open very early. By 8am the shops are open and people are already businessing. But by 6pm everyone is already at home.

In Spain, before 10am it is considered dawn. You will seldom find something open by 9am but incredible before 9am. Until 2pm you still can shop around. But between 2pm-5pm don’t even think about it! Unless you’re perhaps by the sea and tourists are all over the places, even that I’m not sure that shops won’t be closed. Starting 5pm to 11pm you still can buy and sell things.

In India, it seems that it is similar to Spain. People don’t wake up before 10.30am and use to sleep after 1-2am!

In Portugal, most shops open early by 8am, but close at 1pm and re-open by 3pm and then close by 6pm. (sorry I’m making a slight mistake here)

France is a big country, different parts of the country open at different hours. Some open by 8.30-9am and some by 10am depending on what they sell. They close for midday and re-open from 1.30pm-3pm until 5pm to 7pm if they’re hypermarkets.

Most countries share these timescales. But I’m sure there are some I haven’t heard of.!

If you’d like to add different timings on other countries feel free to comment bellow. I might make a printable table for these in case someone needs it.

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