How to bring traffic to your website ️or your local business

You’re a Local business owner I imagine, aiming for local customers.

Maybe you have a small café in a small neighborhood of Liverpool, Caracas, or maybe Nice. And it is hard to build a clientele if your business isn’t in an obvious location where people from all over the places can see you.

There are some things you can do to lift the flag and say “Hey people! This is what you’re looking for, I’m what you need” Depending if you’re providing a service or a product there are things to do to make your business stand out.

Among which Instagram Stories, FB stories, Fb Ads, Instagram Ads, Pinterest page, Mail Marketing, local promotions, blog posts, Google business, youtube channel, Sample products for free, Freebies….

This requires time and dedication. Your business is at stake! Many businesses struggle selling their products/services to a target audience whose pain point isn’t what they’re providing.

You must know your audience first. In order to do that you need Analytics and Listening skills.

Both of these will tell you who is your audience and what value you should provide.

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