A Virtual Private Network Why do you need one?

A vpn is a tool/service that helps you browse privately by crypting everything that comes out of your computer. By changing your IP address as if you were elsewhere in the world.

You can safely log into your online bank account, download torrents, check your mails among other things without being afraid that a hacker is seeing all that you’re doing and writing. 

Or you can easily fool your friend saying that you’re in Japan while you’re just a few miles away if he’s weird enough to check your IP address.

Why do I need it for my job? Because I manage the social media of businesses around the world and the social networks tend to block the accounts when you try to access them from a very different location you’ve logged in 24 hours ago. They’ll start asking for verification codes which is annoying if your employer is not available to give it to you at the same time. Right?

So here are a few you could be interested in among others, they have a free version as well.

HotSpot Sheild

Tunnel Bear

Opera Vpn

Nord Vpn

Cyberghost Vpn

Do you use a Vpn? Comment bellow

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