Your social media algorithm

The algorithm ranks your posts based on the kind of engagement you get whether it’s likes, comments, views, or shares .
Engage with other people’s posts to get discovered by even more people and the more of these you get, the more it’ll tell Linkedin, IG or FB that you post quality.
Make sure to use clear and attention grabbing pictures to make people stop scrolling and read your article.
If using Quotes make sure to check what kind of quotes are currently trending, design them on your brand’s image.
If you’re teaching something, creating a custom infographic can help increase the likelihood of shares. As long as you give value through tips, hacks, a guide, or by giving a tutorial you’re most likely to get lots of engagement.

Remember to use your call to action at the end of your post. Some people need to be reminded.

Do you use anything else to get on top of the feeds?

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