How to be Original

“Be Original” is what we’re advised by many.

But how do we get to be original?

How can we step outside the norm and create content that reflect our personality while delivering useful information which is different from what is already out there?

For a start use brand new topics!

For example, if you are writing a blog post about travel, instead of just listing the most obvious destinations, give your professional and personal opinion as well. That way you don’t use the content that is out there, but make it your own.

When you create your brand, it should tell a story! We all know this right?

All content that you create should somehow be connected with this story. You can even unravel a bit about what you’re going to post next.

As a social media marketer I encourage YOU to gather ideas from everywhere! Every time you have a new idea, take note of it! Not all of those ideas are going to be next viral content, but at least you have something to post and turn into original content.

If you need help, I’m just a message away.

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