Managing your business time by hiring

Do you sometimes feel like, you do not have enough Time to be on all social media platforms all the time? That’s because you shouldn’t be. You have more important things to attend to. But social media marketing is essential!

So what should you do in such a case? You have three options: You can hire a social media marketer. But most small business owners don’t have a big budget for a full time employee.

Or you can hire a freelancer that will work only a few hours a day from home. This option is much more affordable and in most cases, works out perfect because you get the same, if not more and you don’t have to worry about paying a full-time employee. Your final option is to do it all by yourself.

Don’t be on all platforms because that can get time consuming, especially when you are optimizing content for each platform. If your business is already on the social media platforms, take a look at the ones with the most engagement and stick to those.

Now, focus on that one or two platforms that you chose and focus on growing your audience there. The other platforms will build themselves over time as your business grows. Then maybe you can hire someone else to help you out.

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