The business’s pain point

The customer’s pain points is the first thing businesses need to identify when determining what will attract new clients. Many businesses assume they know the answer, that’s why they struggle trying to sell their products to a targeted market whose “pain” isn’t big enough to buy their products.

You need to learn from your potential client what’s causing the problems.

These are the five questions to reveal your client’s pain points:

a. Ask your client about their issues. (Tip: Listen and try to understand the client’s point of view)

b. Ask your client the type of issue he’s experiencing and why he has it.

c. Let him know that you care and had the same experience with other clients. d. Let him know the value in having his personal or business issue rermoved.

e. Tell him what you or your company can do to save him from the issue and provide just what he needs. I must add that, in order to have all these precious info, the client must trust you. Or he won’t share any of his problems.

For that you need to be sincere in order to care for the client and truthful in order to provide what you can deliver.

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