Have a marketing strategy

To succeed in marketing, don’t just join any platform, have a plan! You have to have a reason for doing what you do.

The platforms you’ll be using depends on what the client wants, for example focusing on email subscriptions, you’ll have to work on the webtraffic and measure your KPI (Key Performance Indicator). You have to have clear data that you can analyze to see what’s working and what’s not.

Otherwise, how are you going to show your client the results and say “you pay me this much but I’m generating 10 times more revenue” or “for this week I’ve exposed your brand to 5000 people” You have to measure your success. Then figure out how that impacts sales to show a clear ROI ( Return on investment).

For example every click the client makes to the website generates 5 dollars. You can then multiply that per the number of clicks the website received, you’ll find the revenue that your campaign made.

This is called ROI. You must know what’s down the end of the funnel and what’s at the top to measure what’s in between.

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