Lead generation is your selling weapon

SocialMedia platforms are not specifically used for selling

The social media platforms are for entertainment. No one goes there to buy anything. Its purpose is to have fun. But as exposure starts with entertainment, you can forward your audience to the website to get them to subscribe to your email list where you’ll be able to sell your services or products or to your website for a direct sale.

If they get into your email list, you can send them promotional mails, how a product works, how to achieve something, a hack, a tip, news, something they value and then every once in a while you “punch” them, which means you can ask them to buy a product.

The method was called Jab Jab Punch by Gary Vaynerchuck. You provide two value e-mails or posts on the social platform and the third is a selling post/e-mail.

That’s how you keep going. If you need help with your business or you need coaching to become a marketer, drop me a message.

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