Sharing is caring, but not always

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Sharing is part of life. But…. In the social media world not every platform accepts sharing.

Snapshat and Youtube you can’t share anything. You can’t share other people’s pictures or videos.

IG you need permission from the author and give credit to the person.

Pinterest is for sharing, the more you share the better.

FB, Twitter, Tumblr, Linkedin you can share as much as you want.

For curated videos on FB, you can’t schedule them for a later date, the only thing you can do is save them and reshare them when you want it.

For Twitter you just hit retweet and that’s it.

For articles and blog post it is super easy to share, use one of these sources or all of them:

  • Feedly
  • Dige
  • Content Gem
  • Nuzzel
  • Medium

You can share them at the same time if you wish.

Always be careful what you share.

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