Where to access copyright free pictures?

where to find copyright free images

When you post a post or article, it is best to add a picture. Create images with:

  • Canva (All you need for graphic designs and branded images)
  • Unsplash (For blog pictures and articles)
  • Pablo (For blog picture and articles)
  • Pixiabay (For blog picture and articles)
  • Giphy (For gifs)

Do not take images from Google or other sites unless you have permission. Images are subject to copyright and you are likely to be subjected to legal action if caught.

Use copyright free sites or pay to use the images.

Videos are super important, you can make live videos or post recorded ones. You can edit them with:

  • Camtasia
  • Final cut
  • Sony vegas
  • Moviemaker
  • I movie

These are just a few, maybe you already have a better one. Just make it perfect before posting.

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