Different content on each platform

content on social media
Photo by Burst on Pexels.com

Each platform has a different type of content.

Don’t post the same content on all platforms, you need to adjust it first.

Pinterest wants tall beautiful pictures such as Infographics, Products, Quotes, Blog links

Instagram uses square inspiring pictures such as photo, quotes and short videos

Snapshat is more for selfies, behind the scenes, videos, and emojis

FB works best with videos and images, a bit less with blog posts and links.

Twitter wants Gifs, hashtags, blog links, and short sentences

Tumblr uses Gifs, blog articles, pictures, quotes and memes Linkedin wants blog articles, quotes, educational videos, corporate updates, and short posts

If you have an article just turn it into a relevant post for each platform.

If you need help with your social platforms, send me a message.

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