Working on your blog

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Having a blog might be important for you.

You can host one on WordPress or Squarespace.

Then you can share your blog post on Pinterest or FB which is a good way to bring traffic, keep it short with images.

Headlines are important for blog posts. If it is attractive, people will share them. If you use a poor headline, you’ll have no viewers hence no traffic nor sharing.

I suggest you to use Ubersuggest to find the right headline.

This free website helps you find the right keyword headline for your article.

For example, if you write Social Media, it will show you related keywords with lots of info such as the number of searches with this particular keyword or the SEO difficulty.

Your main interest is that the Seo difficulty is bellow 35. Which means it will rank higher in the organic searches.

The higher the number the more difficult to be found in the search engines. Use the right image size for each platform, use different styles to see which catch attention and receive more likes and shares.

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