Why is LgWebMedia a unique social media marketing company?

Sometimes in the year 2018, (exactly November), there was a genius woman who was passionate about social media, sharing tips about marketing and showcasing well-loved designs of her artworks.

Her name is Catia Amaral.

She launched LgWebMedia; which defines Logic & Website, to shift the wellness industry into a way of life that is accessible to everyone, not just the elite.

LgWebMedia is committed to helping businesses in the wellness industry build their marketing strategies to achieve their goals, gathered potential leads, and connect with potential customers with purpose.

LgWebMedia provides marketing services such as:

  • Content creation
  • Marketing strategy
  • Traffic funnel to website
  • Improve Google ranking
  • Build your brand
  • Graphic designs

Catia Amaral strongly believes that LgWebMedia will turn into a renowned agency. She wants it to grow and expand, hiring a group of professionals who are technically trained and have the eye of artful designs to help the agency become a leading marketing service provider and graphic designs.

Founder of LgWebMedia

The Founder

I’m Catia Amaral, I started helping businesses since 2018. When I’m not working on a client’s project, I’m spending time reading or sketching while being a nomad traveler. I speak 4 languages among which 2 fluently.

Quick and reliable, that’s what makes our service productive

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