Where to access copyright free pictures?

When you post a post or article, it is best to add a picture. But how and where are you looking for copyright free images?

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Can your name stop you from being hired?

What if your name was Bill Clinton?  By coincidence your family name is Clinton and you were named after your grandfather Bill.  What if your name was Pablo Escobar? By coincidence your family name is Escobar. And you were named after the best friend of your father whose name was Pablo.  On both cases you’ll … Continue reading Can your name stop you from being hired?

Digital Marketing

I personally love digital marketing, and it is so important for any kind of business. That’s why I share my hashtag#knowledge to those who wish to learn. I post what I believe people would like to understand about social media marketing. Now I want to ask YOU ! What is it that you need to … Continue reading Digital Marketing

Content Creation

When it comes to content creation such as pics, ads, or articles, keep in mind that the content that you create shouldn’t be complex. Keep it neat and easy, you don’t want your audience to get lost while trying to find the necessary information, otherwise they’ll skip it. When creating blog posts and articles, make … Continue reading Content Creation

How to use hashtags

Hashtags are important to get your content discovered. I must admit that working on hashtags it’s time consuming but it is worth the effort. There are many websites who provide the right hashtags for your niche or for the topic you need but they’re usually not free. I use a fantastic website called Neil Patel … Continue reading How to use hashtags

Social media posting

Do you find time consuming and mind-blowing to keep up with your social media posts and articles? You finally let go and stop posting them daily? Then one day you post an article on your blog, the next on Facebook, etc… Yes it may be time consuming but you can use a post scheduler to … Continue reading Social media posting