Have a marketing strategy

To succeed in marketing, don’t just join any platform, have a plan! You have to have a reason for doing what you do. The platforms you’ll be using depends on what the client wants, for example focusing on email subscriptions, you’ll have to work on the webtraffic and measure your KPI (Key Performance Indicator). You … Continue reading Have a marketing strategy

Social media for businesses

There are billions of people on the social media everyday. If you haven’t got a business profile on the web, you are losing many opportunities. While you may not speak a foreign language, the social media is filled with bilingual people who might be interested in your business or product even though it is not … Continue reading Social media for businesses

Wanna invest in a marketer?  Contractor, Marketing Agency or Go in-house?

Investing with the right marketer could help you get massive ROI for your business. Here I’ll go over the types of marketers you could bring to your team or business. Contractors/Freelancers Ups Hiring independent contractors is an option that many businesses use. Contractors specialize in different areas of marketing, such as Facebook ads, e-mail marketing, … Continue reading Wanna invest in a marketer?  Contractor, Marketing Agency or Go in-house?

Getting to know Linkedin

If you have a business or have skills to offer, It is a must to have an profile on this network. 575+ million users, with more than 260 million monthly active users, among which CEO and simple unemployed. Knowing how to use this social network can increase your sales by 50 % for B2B buyers as they … Continue reading Getting to know Linkedin

Getting to know Tumblr and WordPress

Tumblr & WordPress are very important to share articles, poetry, thoughts, news, etc… There are so many things you can do with a blog and it is not so difficult to make a following. You just need to write and read. If you write and don’t read what other bloggers write, your chance of success … Continue reading Getting to know Tumblr and WordPress

Social Media Quote #4

Getting to know Twitter

Twitter is among the social media sites. It is to share thoughts, ideas, product info, quotes… Whatever is less than 280 characters. Re-twitting is very common. As you write a tweet don’t forget the hashtags as they are super important to catch the attention of those looking for that keyword. Some businesses use Twitter to … Continue reading Getting to know Twitter

Marketing Tips #4