Whatever your business is, it needs marketing.

Are you an architect? Lawyer? Painter? Chef ? Construction company? Coach? You need to get your business out there. Having a website is the 1st step.

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Content Creation

When it comes to content creation such as pics, ads, or articles, keep in mind that the content that you create shouldn’t be complex. Keep it neat and easy, you don’t want your audience to get lost while trying to find the necessary information, otherwise they’ll skip it. When creating blog posts and articles, make … Continue reading Content Creation

How to be Original

“Be Original” is what we’re advised by many. But how do we get to be original? How can we step outside the norm and create content that reflect our personality while delivering useful information which is different from what is already out there? For a start use brand new topics! For example, if you are … Continue reading How to be Original

How to use hashtags

Hashtags are important to get your content discovered. I must admit that working on hashtags it’s time consuming but it is worth the effort. There are many websites who provide the right hashtags for your niche or for the topic you need but they’re usually not free. I use a fantastic website called Neil Patel … Continue reading How to use hashtags

Building trust

By being consistent with your posting, you get your audience to know who you are. They feel a connection of some kind with your content and have made the decision to keep following you. The most important thing for your audience to buy your products or services is the decision to finally trust you. Your … Continue reading Building trust

Social media for businesses

There are billions of people on the social media everyday. If you haven’t got a business profile on the web, you are losing many opportunities. While you may not speak a foreign language, the social media is filled with bilingual people who might be interested in your business or product even though it is not … Continue reading Social media for businesses

Wanna invest in a marketer?  Contractor, Marketing Agency or Go in-house?

Investing with the right marketer could help you get massive ROI for your business. Here I’ll go over the types of marketers you could bring to your team or business. Contractors/Freelancers Ups Hiring independent contractors is an option that many businesses use. Contractors specialize in different areas of marketing, such as Facebook ads, e-mail marketing, … Continue reading Wanna invest in a marketer?  Contractor, Marketing Agency or Go in-house?

The 12 Best Email Newsletter Tools in 2019

Email marketing is a key component of any successful marketing strategy — in fact, email marketing provides companies with a potential ROI of $44 for every $1 spent. In particular, email newsletters are an essential way for your business to keep your subscribers up-to-date with relevant information, and ultimately drive more leads. Newsletters give marketers … Continue reading The 12 Best Email Newsletter Tools in 2019

Cloud Integration Explained, and 6 of the Best Cloud Integration Platforms

As marketers, smashing our department’s silos is crucial for truly understanding our customers and catering to their needs. If we understand each team’s challenges and initiatives, we can align our entire department to send the most relevant content to our audience and achieve a common goal. In regards to your tech stack, the same principle … Continue reading Cloud Integration Explained, and 6 of the Best Cloud Integration Platforms