Getting to know Linkedin

If you have a business or have skills to offer, It is a must to have an profile on this network. 575+ million users, with more than 260 million monthly active users, among which CEO and simple unemployed. Knowing how to use this social network can increase your sales by 50 % for B2B buyers as they … Continue reading Getting to know Linkedin

Getting to know Twitter

Twitter is among the social media sites. It is to share thoughts, ideas, product info, quotes… Whatever is less than 280 characters. Re-twitting is very common. As you write a tweet don’t forget the hashtags as they are super important to catch the attention of those looking for that keyword. Some businesses use Twitter to … Continue reading Getting to know Twitter

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is the broadcasting of products/services using digital technologies to bring awareness to those who are connected or not to the internet by any digital medium. Digital Marketing is made of several components such as search engine optimisation, search engine marketing, content marketing, influencer marketing, customer support, campaigns, Ads, Ebooks, social media marketing, sms, … Continue reading Digital Marketing

Getting to know Pinterest

Some people find it difficult to use it. Yet it is one of the easiest. Here too you may have a business profile or a personal one. As you log in, you’ll see the feeds as in any social network. As you click on your icon either at the bottom right or top right, you’ll … Continue reading Getting to know Pinterest

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Getting to know Instagram and Snapchat

Instagram is a simple tool to share your pictures. No need to have a big knowledge, just add a pic, write something about it if you want to, some hashtags and you’re good to go. You can add the location if it is relevant or tag someone so that he gets notified of your picture. … Continue reading Getting to know Instagram and Snapchat

Getting to know Facebook

Fb is a world on its own. It would require a book to describe all that you can achieve with it. I will only focus on the major points here. The feeds are what you’ll be seeing as you log into your account. You can chose who to see first and who to unfollow. The … Continue reading Getting to know Facebook