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I’m Catia Amaral, author of 4 self-published books among which a marketing course “Social Media marketing, For You”. ​I started my journey on social media in 2014, I had 2 blogs back then.

Over time, I migrated from being a blogger to being a marketer, doing basic search engine optimization, and driving traffic to websites using advertising and social media. I wrote my first social media booklet in 2019 “12 Quick tips to boost your Social Media Ranking”.

How I Can Help You

I spent most of my life as a nomad traveler, living by selling second-hand stuff with my parents. Our objectives were to save enough money for our daily needs and expenses.

As the internet evolved, I mastered social media marketing, initially to generate traffic for a friend then for other businesses. Now I’m focusing on small businesses to support local communities.

I’ve helped businesses ​increase revenues using online marketing. A solid online marketing strategy is essential for every commerce.

Take a look around my website and see how we can help each other.

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An author, consultant, expert in social media, Catia Amaral helps small to medium-sized businesses use the internet to grow their global presence and business.

The author of “Social Media Marketing, For You” designed for businesses as much as for particulars, helps companies of all sizes reach more customers with quick, effective social media strategies.

Catia is available for writing and consulting opportunities and can be reached here.

Some of Catia’s writing topics include:

  • How to increase success on LinkedIn
  • How to have an Instagram for Business
  • How to use Pinterest effectively
  • How to curate content
  • How to Create Your perfect Social Media Strategy

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